Part 1 Testimonial

Conrad BW v3

Conrad Batsirai Janjawa

Employment at BrightSPACE:  August 2022 – July 2023

Role at BrightSPACEPart 1 Architectural Assistant

University: University of Portsmouth

 BA(Hons) Architecture

Projects you enjoyed the most at BrightSPACE Architects:

A description of some of your responsibilities at BrightSPACE Architects and how they prepared you for your next steps in your career / education:

I have thoroughly enjoyed my placement at BrightSPACE. I feel that my perspective and understanding of the professional industry has grown tremendously. The company has given me the opportunity to utilise, test and improve my skill-set through a range of exciting projects. I think my main achievements and contributions would be the work I've contributed towards the YMCA Delta house project, being able to take on responsibility of the 3D modeling and visualisation as well as other tasks at an early stage of my placement was a great opportunity that allowed me to show my skills while learning new things along the way. In addition to this, the level of intensity throughout the project tested my adaptability and resilience to make sure tasks were completed on time and at a high quality.

A brief summary of your experience at BrightSPACE Architects:

As a whole I think my mentors and the project leaders I’ve worked with have identified my skills and utilised them as best as possible while also pushing me to develop in areas that I may not be so good at. I’ve always been briefed in a way that was clear and concise with the opportunity to ask questions if I was confused, this meant that I could always accomplish my tasks as effectively as possible.

I feel like I have been really welcomed into the BrightSPACE team, everyone is really friendly and keen to help each other. I have also enjoyed the out of office events, my favourite was the recent trip to London but the evenings at various different curry houses & restaurants in the local area have also been really good fun.