Part 1 Testimonial

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Oliver Martin

Employment at BrightSPACE:  August 2016 – July 2018

Role at BrightSPACEPart 1 Architectural Assistant

University: University of Portsmouth, Cardiff University  

Qualifications: BA (Hons) Architecture, MArch  

Projects you enjoyed the most at BrightSPACE Architects:

A description of some of your responsibilities at BrightSPACE Architects and how they prepared you for your next steps in your career / education:

My time as a Part 1 at BrightSPACE Architects was mainly placed preparing planning applications for residential and mixed used projects of varying sizes and complexity. Given the practice size being neither small nor very large, BrightSPACE offered a unique experience of working closely within a small team on large and complex projects such as the Winter Gardens in Bournemouth.  This offered great exposure to things a Part 1 is not often a part of such as design team meetings, public consultations, planning meetings or important presentations to the council. Whilst working at BrightSPACE I was undergoing the first year of the Cardiff University Masters course where you study alongside working. BrightSPACE provided all the support I needed including weekly design tutoring and the time I needed to complete my university projects. It often felt as if my university project was part of the office with everybody including directors and technical staff offering advice and help whenever it was needed.  

A brief summary of your experience at BrightSPACE Architects:

In between the seriousness of practice and the hard work to meet deadlines for clients, I remember laughing a lot at BrightSPACE. This might not appear important but on reflection it is this light-hearted atmosphere that presents such a great environment for somebody starting or continuing their working career. I always felt a part of the team and was always encouraged to bring ideas, whether it was for project work or general practice life. Never once did I feel I was not able to ask any questions I had about architectural practice. Beyond the office I took part in a team triathlon, a sponsored walk along the Dorset coast, practice cycles across the New Forest and more. All of which helped when working away from home.