3D Design and BIM

— 16 January 2018, posted by Jack Lodge

BIM Winter Gardens Diagram

BrightSpace Architects have embraced the adoption of BIM as an essential workflow within the office. We are committed to continually pushing the capabilities and role of BIM in the industry, from concept through to delivery. Through the use of an Autodesk suite of software, we have seen significant benefits in co-ordination, efficiency and presentation quality.

We see our BIM models as a key presentation tool during planning, as well as a tool for delivery. Using a variety of software we can produce CGI visuals, virtual reality environments, 3D printed physical models and overhead fly-throughs of our proposals, all from producing detailed BIM models. This has become an essential part of our BIM strategy and helps develop designs through the pre-application process, public consultations and engagement with planning authorities.

We have recently implemented BIM into a variety of projects across multiple stages, from inception to on-site construction, collaborating with multiple professions to deliver projects in the most efficient way possible. Having a model with a high level of detail by the pre-planning stage allows us to clarify and resolve the architecture in preparation for delivery.

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