An Aprilliant Month for Tristan

— 17 May 2019, posted by Jack Lodge

Aprilliant Employee Tristan

Here at BrightSPACE, we have an amazing team of people. We think this is worth celebrating each month, giving us an opportunity to focus on and reward the achievements of individuals whos' contributions help the practice go from strength to strength.

This month we are delighted to announce Tristan Salkeld as our most APRILLIANT employee.

Tristan joined BrightSpace off the back of his award winning university work, from his first day with us he has shown us why he was deserving of the accolades. Applying the knowledge gained from university and his ability to quickly learn new skills has led to Tristan becoming a valued and in demand member of the technical team. 

Whether he is working on a single bespoke dwelling or as part of a team on the biggest project in the office, Tristan adopts a calm and considered approach, consistently delivering work of a high standard, nothing seems to phase him and he is always helpful and willing to get stuck in. 

Aside from his project work he is now regularly pestered by others to share his BIM knowledge, he is turning out to be an adept teacher showing patience with what must be the most simple of questions. Quick witted and up for a laugh, Tristan is also a regular at the table tennis, just don’t ask him to catch…… no-one can be good at everything in the office. 

Thanks for all the hard work Tristan, enjoy a little something on us.

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