BrightIDEAS 01: Collaboration

— 8 November 2023, posted by BrightSPACE

01 BrightIDEAS Collaboration 01 v3

To start off our BrightIDEAS series, we’re keen to discuss 'collaboration'. At BrightSPACE, collaboration across our whole team allows us to understand and explore design ideas but also generate conversation. We are often collaborating with directors, members of the project team and other colleagues in the office while we are designing. Collaborative involvement in all projects helps us to resolve and deliver our proposals.

Whether you're in practice or at University, collaboration is a key element for a successful design. Teamwork is something that is required at all levels in Architecture. It allows a wider contribution to bring together new and unique ideas, encourages communication and innovation and in turn solidifies confidence in your design. Make sure to share your design ideas with your colleagues so together you can create your best design yet!

UERD Wall Graphic True Scale 3 Reverse
01 BrightIDEAS Collaboration 02 v2

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