BrightSPACE Mornings

— 27 September 2023, posted by BrightSPACE

BrightSPACE Mornings

As the days are starting to get a bit cooler, we like to take a moment to appreciate our location on the edge of the New Forest at the BrightSPACE office. This morning we were welcomed with a beautiful view across the field, with frost starting to creep back in after what seems like a very short summer!

Many of our visitors comment about the setting here, and how pleasant the verdant green surroundings are. We also think this plays a part in helping our team to maintain a healthy mindset. It is scientifically proven that shades of green provoke calmness, receptiveness, and productivity, all very positive aspects to instil within our talented team.

Notwithstanding the benefits of the science of colour in our surroundings, it looks like we will be needing to get our coats out soon, ready to wrap up warm for the coming winter months.

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