Congratulations, Dave! Our Octerrific Employee!

— 22 November 2019, posted by Jack Lodge

Octerrific Month

Visuals Courtesy of Glenn Howells Architects.

Here at BrightSpace we have an amazing team of people. We think this is worth celebrating each month, giving us a the opportunity to focus on and reward the achievements of individuals who's contributions help the practice go from strength to strength.

This month we are delighted to announce Dave Martin as our most OCTERIFFIC employee. 

Dave is one of the longstanding members of BrightSpace he has seen the company grow and along with that so has the scale of the projects. Harbouring a vast knowledge of construction and technical detailing Dave is called upon to provide input into many of our projects ensuring our creative ideas can be realised at later stages of the process - This has taken place over many of our projects from the largest and most logistically complex to the smaller more finely detailed gems. 

For the last couple of years Dave has also become the custodian of one of our most exciting clients. Working with BLOC hotels had enabled Dave to flex his design muscles in addition to the technical expertise. Firing out feasibility studies on new sites while simultaneously driving forward the pre-start information for their latest 22 storey tower in central Birmingham. We are delighted with all the work you have put in on these projects and also slightly mystified at how you manage to fit it all in to each day so calmly.

Thanks for all the hard work Dave, we hope you are as excited as we are to see the fruits of your labours growing over the coming months.

*Visuals Courtesy of Glenn Howells Architects.

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