Congratulations to Annie, our Junique Employee!

— 5 July 2019, posted by Jack Lodge

Junique Employee

Here at BrightSpace we have an amazing team of people. We think this is worth celebrating each month, giving us a the opportunity to focus on and reward the achievements of individuals who's contributions help the practice go from strength to strength.

This month we are delighted to announce Annalaura Fornasier as our most JUNIQUE employee. Her university work is impressive and was shortlisted for the AJ student prize. Since joining BSA as an architectural assistant the same rigour and intelligence has been used in her project work.

Very capable, calm and ready to get stuck in. We never hear her complain regardless of the task or the number of times we might have changed our minds on a design idea. Always keen to contribute and as an office we have all learnt a little during Annie’s mini presentations from her latest travels.

We have been impressed with how she has adapted the skills she has honed at university into the working environment and we are all really proud of Annie for securing her first choice place for her part 2 studies.

Thanks Annie for all your hard work.

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