Employee of the Month - Febulous Phil

— 28 February 2019, posted by Dai Hannaford and Jack Lodge

Phil Febulous BrightSPACE

Here at BrightSpace we have an amazing team of people. We think this is worth celebrating each month, giving us a the opportunity to focus on and reward the achievements of individuals whos' contributions help the practice go from strength to strength.

This month we are delighted to announce Phil Luke as our most FEBULOUS employee.

Phil is a bit of an enigma, he’s the only person we know who would actually choose to come back to the UK from sunny Australia. We are glad he did though and delighted that we snapped up his talents before anyone else could.

Since joining the practice a couple of years ago he has been instrumental in our use of BIM, conducting in-house training and generally ensuring we are all working in the most efficient methods possible, he develops our working methodology to ensure consistency across all our projects, and he looks for opportunities to develop the communication of our ideas through the use of our models in VR, AR or simply to enhance our in-house imagery. This is no mean feat in such a fast-paced industry.

Phil is a versatile technologist whether it is working on a multi-story block for 113 units or running a project on site for 13 units. He is currently embarking on the unenviable task of setting up our biggest job to date, gearing up the project and establishing the base modeling ready to part of a big team working up the technical development.

What impresses us about him is that he remains calm and cool under pressure despite all that we throw at him, he is resolutely cheerful with the only exception to this occurring after a loss during a lunchtime game of table tennis.

Thanks for all the hard work Phil and we hope you enjoy a day out with your young family on us.

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