Meet Jack, Our Julmazing Employee

— 29 July 2019, posted by Jack Lodge


Here at BrightSpace we have an amazing team of people. We think this is worth celebrating each month, giving us a the opportunity to focus on and reward the achievements of individuals who's contributions help the practice go from strength to strength.

This month we are delighted to announce Jack Lodge as our most JULMAZING employee. 

Jack is one of the more long standing employees in the office and following a year with us as a Part I he liked it so much that he carved out a new niche and underwent a change in direction to stay with us as an Architectural Assistant and Marketing Coordinator. 

He is now a Jack of all trades (sorry) turning his attention to all manner of different tasks within the office, photographer, graphic design, brochure creation, project work, and most recently, drone pilot. 

Captain Jack, as he should now be known, has recently been through a rigorous process of study, practice and exams to achieve his CAA licence to commercially fly drones. In doing so it places BrightSpace in the forefront of a developing technology and growing market, we are looking forward to seeing the benefits for our projects and clients on gaining this new perspective. 

Thanks Jack for all your hard work, we know this latest challenge has not been easy and we can’t wait to see the drone buzzing round the office soon.

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